This blog came from a burning desire to fix my iPhone's home button that would not work, no matter how many times I pressed it. I was sure there had to be a fix.

This gave me an idea that I should perhaps get an app created that would add a "soft" home button to the Apple device screens and market it. So I started some initial research and saw that there were a few fixes and alternatives.

My business idea crashed :-) the instant I saw that Apple already had an option to add a soft home button to the touch screen, which is different from the one I had in mind but nevertheless, it did the job well. Being an Internet marketing hand, I thought that I should run a little experiment and see if I could consolidate this information on a blog so that frustrated users like me could quickly find these quick fixes. More than that I was curious to see how far this "very niche" experiment would go. My initial keyword research looked quite promising so I decided to give it a shot and started this blog and published the first fix on 5/3/2012.

I added social media to the mix and created a Facebook fan page and a twitter account: - I chose this handle for twitter in the hope that tomorrow, I might grow the blog to other topics of accessibility for Apple devices, if it takes off.

I might share the blog's progress over time, if something else does not catch my fancy and I go running after that ;-). Meanwhile, I invite your comments and look forward to your participation on this blog. I encourage you to comment if a fix helped you (or not) to reclaim your Apple iDevice's home button, and if it did, to share the fix with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and other Networks. Heck, it just takes a click and who knows you might just make someone's day!

Jagdeep Singh Pannu

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